Sabah Pop Up Store!

SABAH means morning in Turkish.

That is the reason behind naming these shoes Sabah — once you put them on in the morning, we guarantee that you will never want to take them off.

These traditional handmade shoes are relics of the past. For centuries, they were the everyday shoes worn by all Turks. But thanks to Sabah, they are now introduced in the United States.

Each pair is handcrafted in an ancient bazaar in southeast Turkey by Turkish cobblers who have been passed on the same construction method of their ancestors. Using the same materials, each slipper is literally hand sewn by using a continuous cotton thread without any machinery or pre-punched holes. The leather is of the highest quality natural cow leather.

Primarily sold through word of mouth and by appointment only at the Sabah Townhouse in the East Village, ds is fortunate enough to sell them for a limited time only.

The Sabah Pop Up Store will be on Friday, December 2nd during the Holiday Stroll (5-9 pm) and all day Saturday, December 3rd (10am – 6pm). Come in and try a pair on. But beware; you will most likely not want to take them off.

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