Personal Pocket Policeman

That there are 400,000 pickpocket incidents that occur around the world each day? Why make yourself vulnerable when you can travel safely without worries? The answer is the best anti-theft backpack on the market.

At ds we are introducing the “Bobby,” a backpack with protection like your own personal policeman!

This backpack has a zipper that is fully hidden in the back of the bag, concealed pockets, and material that is cut-proof. Even Houdini could not get into it.

The fact that it has:

  • USB external charging
  • Is weight balanced
  • Is water and anti-sweat resistant
  • has 3 different openings
  • And an elastic strap that can be used to attach the backpack to your suitcase

…are just added bonuses!

Come to ds and see for yourself!

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