Natural Beauty of Wood Transformed Into Art

We have discovered a very special Canadian, second generation family owned, woodmaking business that crafts one-of-a-kind and limited edition products.

The wood they select is sourced locally from family owned lots that are reclaimed and is chosen for its rare characteristics that bring something special to each of their pieces. Damaged trees that have developed burls, which would ordinarily have become scrap, are selected to create exceptional sculptured works of art.

A burl results from the healing process of a tree that has undergone some stress. Essentially, it is scar tissue resulting from a tree trying to heal itself. It can take months or even years for Stintson Studios to age the wood to produce the unique patterns and colors found in their creations. Crafting an extraordinary piece of burl is much like producing an excellent wine.

Found in homes around the world, these pieces are both decorative and functional, which makes them ideal for salads, fruit, etc. or showcasing in a hallway, as a centerpiece, or adorning a special table. This studio is known worldwide for their unparalleled artistic eye while highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

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