Not Just a Lamp, It’s an Anglepoise!

anglepoise lamp

Designed in 1935, an automotive engineer pioneered the Anglepoise constant tension spring technology. Now, I know you are thinking, “what the heck is that and why would I even care?”

This discovery allows the lamps’ arm to be repositioned with the lightest touch, yet remain perfectly in place when released. The technology has been dubbed by industry insiders as “a minor miracle in balance” which adds to Anglepoise’s iconic stature. In fact, in recognition of this status, Anglepoise lamps were featured on a British Royal Mail stamp along with the British telephone booth, the London Underground Map and the Mini Cooper.

With its clean lines, flowing movement and flawless balance, the Anglepoise lamp has become a popular choice for home owners, designers and architects alike. They also come in eye pleasing colors such as brushed aluminium, signal red, duck egg blue, and citrus yellow, to name a few.

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