Come “EYE” Our Collection by John Derian

John Derian, the iconic artist and designer, transforms printed images from the past and transports the viewer to another world. He does it with the simplest of objects; a paperweight, a glass dish, a bowl, with the simplest of technique: decoupage.

Each of his pieces begin with his discovery of one of a kind, illustrations, etchings, prints and rare reproductions from 18th and 19th century books. Think of his iconic human eye: beautiful, silent, nostalgic, mysterious – almost like a dream.

In addition to his NYC stores, Derian’s products are sold by more than 600 retailers worldwide including Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, Conran’s in the UK and Astierde de Villate in Paris. His line of home goods that include plates, trays, framed prints, lamps, paperweights etc., have also been featured in many prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Elle, NYT Style Section, Vanity Fair, among others.

We invite you to come to ds to “eye” John Derian’s recently published coffee table book. His book features 350 of the designer’s best loved images, making it surely to be THE gift giving book of the season.

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