Tapered Candles Off the Rack

Making expertly crafted candles run deep in Denmark’s traditions since they spend almost half of the year in perpetual darkness. Danes rely on candles for a warm and inviting glow through the cold and wintery months.

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“Thank Goodness for Little Girls”

Young girls always want to do what big girls do like putting on makeup and getting manis/pedis. But, aren’t we concerned about all the chemicals found in the grown up versions of these products?

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ds Doesn’t Do Black Friday

I know this may come across as a very bold statement from a retailer and small business owner. But, did you know that the real story behind Black Friday is a much darker story than shoppers taking advantage of the season’s biggest shopping day?

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Sabah Pop Up Store!

SABAH means morning in Turkish. That is the reason behind naming these shoes Sabah — once you put them on in the morning, we guarantee that you will never want to take them off. These traditional handmade shoes are relics of the past. For centuries, they were the everyday shoes worn by all Turks. But […]

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Come “EYE” Our Collection by John Derian

John Derian, the iconic artist and designer, transforms printed images from the past and transports the viewer to another world. He does it with the simplest of objects; a paperweight, a glass dish, a bowl, with the simplest of technique: decoupage. Each of his pieces begin with his discovery of one of a kind, illustrations, […]

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LOOK at Me

Are you in denial about wearing reading glasses? Or are you guilty of buying the drugstore kind? The founder of this new reading glass company – LOOK – felt the same way which is why he designed readers that make you feel good about your eyesight changing.

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Maine Comes to Elm with Modern Cottage Furniture

The smell of fir and pine, the sound of waves against the rocks, the sight of the majestic mountains is how I would describe Maine. This juxtaposition is what makes Maine special. At design solutions, we are now carrying a line of furniture crafted from start to finish in Maine with skilled local artisans.

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Buy a Fish and Get a Tale!

Since 1884, earthenware sardines have been produced to mark the 13th century event that occurred at The Feast of St. Anthony honoring the Patron Saint of Lisbon, Portugal.

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